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Rambler Awards

USA Rugby Hall of Fame

2012: Harry Langenberg

2011: Keith Seaber

International Selections

Peter Dahl (USA Eagles, 2010-2013)

Alex Sharman (Paraguay, 2010)

Twig Porzelt (USA Eagles Juniors)

Doug Littlefield (USA Cougars, 1988)

Nick Baker (USA Cougars, 1988)

Twig Porzelt (USA Cougars, 1988)


Rambler Awards

2016-2017 Season

MVP: Keven Griff

Rookie Of The Year: Keven Griff

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Alex McDevitt

Coaches’ Award: Kevin McAllister

2015-2016 Season

MVP: Chris Walton

Rookie Of The Year: Terrel Johnson

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Dan Wischmeyer

Coaches’ Award: Dan Wischmeyer

2014-2015 Season

MVP: Leo Polson

Rookie Of The Year: Jimmy Harrison

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Kevin Lane

Coaches’ Award: Jimmy Platt

2013-2014 Season

MVP: Colin Heath

Secundus MVP: Ian Tighe

Rookie Of The Year: Alex Deguire

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Patrick Keeven

Coaches’ Award: Kevin Lane

2012-2013 Season

USA Rugby Hall of Fame: Harry Langenberg

MVP: Justin Vogt

Secundus MVP: Jeff Bosaw

Rookie Of The Year: Antony Woensdregt

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Patrick Keeven

Coach’s Award: Ryan Lane

2011-2012 Season

MVP: Chris Walton

Rookie Of The Year: Nick Leaver

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Patrick Keeven

Coach’s Award: Eric Livingston

2010-2011 Season

USA Rugby Hall of Fame: Keith Seaber

MVP: Patrick Conaty

Rookie Of The Year: Chris Walton

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Patrick Keeven

Coach’s Award: Jeff O’Donnell

2009-2010 Season

MVP: Adam Schmitt

Rookie Of The Year: Ben McDowell

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Colin Heath

Coach’s Award: Colin Heath

2008-2009 Season

MVP: Justin Vogt

Rookie Of The Year: Alex Vogt

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Patrick Conaty

Coach’s Award: Brian Haley

2007-2008 Season

MVP: Eric Livingston

Rookie Of The Year: Tommy Flynn

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award: Patrick Keeven

2006-2007 Season

MVP: Chris Hrdina

2004 Season

MVP: Jeff Mahoney

Rookie Of The Year: Justin Vogt

Most Improved Player: Leo Polson

1995 Season

MVP: David Dalton

1993 Season

MVP: David Dalton

1992 Season

MVP: Dan Blood

Secundus MVPs: Larry Linsin & Scott Herrell

1991 Season

MVP: David Dalton

1977 Season

Rookie Of The Year: Kevin Stubbs

1974 Season

Secundus MVP: Denny “The Fly” Collins

Secundus Rookie Of The Year: Denny “The Fly” Collins

1973 Season

Secundus MVP: Bill Elmore

1972 Season

Secundus Rookie Of The Year: Bill Elmore

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