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Monday, 18 April 2011

Primus vs St Louis Bombers

The Ramblers suffered a first round loss to the St Louis Bombers with a final score of 6-31.  It was a tough loss as the Ramblers had plenty of opportunities throughout the game and definitely dominated the territory and the Bombers scrum.

Sadly we lacked the finishing touches needed to convert that dominance it to points and had to settle for 2 penalties.  The Bombers backs showed some excellent counter attacks and capitalized quickly and ruthlessly on the Rambler mistakes.

The good news is that the league is now highly competitive and is open for any of the teams to win.  Tulsa knocked of Omaha in their first round match and then beat the Bombers by 2 points on Sunday to advance to the west. Tulsa being the side we lost to by 1 point in the last minute of our game!!

A lot of poitives from the weekend, but sadly not the result we wanted.

A big thanks to all the players, especially our reserves and Secundus players for their support.

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