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Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award

Scott “Yuk” Herrell Player’s Player Award

This award is in memory of Scott “Yuk” Herrell (12/16/1960-09/13/1996) a true Rambler.

Below are some thoughts and memories from his teammates and highlights why the Player’s Player award is in his memory.

From Twig.

To All Ramblers,

…with what happened on Friday, September 13th, the loss of one of our own, Scott (Yuk) Herrell, I felt compelled to write this for him and to all of you.

For those that don’t know, Scott had been battling cancer for the last several months with the knowledge that his chances weren’t good. With the same toughness and resolve he showed on the rugby pitch, he fought this disease. Yuk had played with the Ramblers for 10-12 years. We don’t really keep track because once you join the club and stay with us you are in the Rambler family forever. Yuk started out playing wing, then scrum ½, before finally settling in at hooker, a position made for someone like him. For a lot of us Scotty was not just a Rugby player he was a friend who would come to your side whenever needed. Yuk was always one you could count on for away games. He didn’t bring much money, but who cared, he was a Rambler. On Friday, September 13th, Yuk took his final road trip home. No one is gone unless they are forgotten and Yuk will never be forgotten. “To Scotty (Yuk) Herrell a Rambler then, now, and always”.

From Dick Work:

“I was with Yuk when he got his nickname.  We were at the Aspen tournament.  It was late and we were at the hotel.  2 girls walked down the hall and Yuk was wasted on whiskey.  He slurred his words and tried to hit on them.  They both turned at the same time, looked at him and said “yuk”.  So he became Mr. Yuk. He was rooming with me and Timmy D. at the hotel so we went it the room and proceeded to make a song about it. It goes as follows:
They call him Mr. Yuk…..

He doesn’t like to f**k

Unless it’s with a duck

or a diesel Truck….


He said I have a buck…..

They said you’re out of luck

I know, pretty stupid, but what to you expect from drunks.  We still had fun with it. Yuk bled green and white.  He tried playing all over the place, winger-too slow, scrum half-couldn’t pass.  One day I told him he needed to be a hooker, he was built for it, barrel chested.  So he became a hooker and it was perfect.  After several years of playing out of position, he found a home.  Yuk would probably still be playing today at 51 if he was alive.  I miss him.

From Rich Etzkorn:

Every word is true. I was on the walkway outside the hotel room with Yuck when those chicks named him…Aspen in ’88. …..he never missed a trip/tour. Rumour had it he went to Hawaii in ’88 with $20 in his pocket. Nothing stopped him from a Rambler match…. We miss him.



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