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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Match Report 9/9/17

Ramblers @ Mercenaries 9/9/17

The Ramblers, and particularly their city team mates, braved the bridges of the Mississippi to play their first league game of the 2017-18 season against the Mercenaries. We had the privilege of playing the inaugural game of the Mercenaries home field.

Under the blazing sun of Illinois the Ramblers kicked off and soon recovered the ball, a deft backline play saw forward Brian Haley score. 5-0.

Resulting kick off saw sustained forward pressure that resulted in Mike Morton scoring. 12-0.

A clinical, as in as far from sterile as you can get, saw a chip and chase from Sam Fasholz to make it 19-0,

Sustained hands from the kick off saw the Ramblers break and Mike “I’ll win this on my own” Morton score his second. 26-0

From the kick off, a surprised Captain Adam Schmittt found himself running support for Keven Griff and Brian Haley to sneak a score.33-0.

A short kick off saw the Ramblers win a lineout. A well worked set play allowed Eric Livingston cross. 38-0.

Resulting KO was received by Keven Griff who ran, with stiff arms and spins, to the 1m line and selfishly, under pressure, off loaded to Sam Faszzzzols for the score. 45-0

Don’t call out a Griff for coming up short  as the next play sees Sam repay the favour and release Griff for his try, 52-0.

A short kick off allows a scrum center that the Ramblers control releasing a back row play that allows #6 Chris Van Schalkvwk in for the score.59-0

The resulting kick off saw the Current/Old Ramblers link up and release (make him run) Adam Schimtt for the score. 66-0.

Quick hands from the KO awakens Foxy for a penetrating run for the score. 73-0.

Not to be outdone by his Groot, Raccoon capitalized on solid forwards work and a turnover to score. 78-0


The opening KO sees an old war reenactment  as stalwarts Conaty (who knew he’d straighten), Eric Livingston and Adam Scmidttt? combine  for Adam Schmiddt to score. 83-0

Strong forward work allows Nick Baum a pick and go opportunity for the score.  88-0

Mercenaries sustained pressure is released by a timely interception by T-Rell Johnson, who finally discovers the tryline.(and the basic principle of crossing it). 93-0

Alex McDevitt runs in the next try due to Klear Lives Hands (Coach can’t read own writing). Resulting in a polite Lord’s applause for bringing up the century. 100-0

A quick break from the Ramblers 10 m sees dancing queen/king Foxy cross again for a 107-0 score.

Mercenaries sustained pressure sees the Ramblers defense step up and diffuse multiple sniping runs. A clearing kick and sustained pressure wins a Rambler lineout deep in the Mercenaries 22. The resulting lineout sees a slow(est) play develop (and the grass grow an inch) for T-Rell to figure out what a white line is.  112-0

A slow back line attack did not result in the Rambler next try as Alex McDevitt flies in to make it 119-0.

The final KO of the day releases Foxy to cost in to seal a 126-0 win.

Huge respect to the Mercenaries as despite the score line never quit and never once dropped their heads and continuously delivered big hits and counter rucks.  A new club with great potential and promising future.

Final Score: 126-0

Man of the Match:  Jimmy Platt

Honourable Mention: Mike O’Brien for support and photography

Golden Boot:  T-rell Johnson (2 weeks running) for scoring a try under zero pressure 1 foot, as in 12 inches, in front (as in not over/past) the try line

Golden Slipper: Vanessa Van Schwakyk for half time make out session (the game is not over) and intercepting a sweary ankle brace.

Oven Mitt of the Day: Chris Antzrak  (How the mighty have fallen?)

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