st louis rambler rugby club




Date Time Rambler Side   Opponent Venue Info
January 2014
Sat 18 Jan Ramblers 32-28 Baton Rouge RC Baton Rouge, LA Location 
February 2014
Fri 28 Feb 19:00 Ramblers 60-15 SLU Forest Park Location 
March 2014
Sat 8 Mar 13:00 Primus 31-19 Indianapolis Forest Park Location 
Sat 8 Mar 15:00 Secundus 38-34 Maryville Forest Park Location 
Sat 22 Mar 13:00 Primus (LEAGUE) 17-34 KCRFC Kansas City  
Sat 22 Mar 15:00 Secundus 12-79 KCRFC Kansas City  
Sat 29 Mar 15:00 Primus 29-5 Rowdies RFC Forest park Location 
Sat 29 Mar 16:30 Secundus 17-85 Principia Forest Park Location 
April 2014
Sat 5 Apr 13:00 Primus (LEAGUE) 0-44 Omaha GOATS Omaha, NE Location 
Sat 12 Apr 09:00 Ramblers Combine 19-24 Chicago Westside Condors (Ruggerfest) Creve Coeur Location 
Sat 12 Apr 10:00 Primus 19-22 Arkansas Gryphons Creve Coeur Location 
Sat 12 Apr 14:00 Ramblers Combine 0-21 Franklin County CreveCoeur  
Sat 12 Apr 14:00 Primus 52-7 Sunday Morning Creve Coeur  
Sat 12 Apr 17:00 Primus 22-24 Witchita Creve Coeur  
Sat 19 Apr 13:00 Primus Missouri S & T Rolla  
Sat 26 Apr 13:00 Primus Nashville RC Forest Park Location 

Rambler Store

Rambler merchandise is now available online. Check back often for new Rambler gear.  Support rugby in St. Louis with all types of Rambler Rugby gear. 


Old Boys Page

The 2nd oldest rugby club in the country is bound to have some old boys around. This page is dedicated to you guys.

Catch up with old mates, signup to receive match reports in your e-mail, come out and watch the boys, etc.


Join the Ramblers

Interested in St. Louis Rugby? No experience necessary, we’re are now accepting new and current players. Fielding two sides keeps the Ramblers competitive while allowing new players to join club and learn the game. Click the banner above for more information.

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