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About Us

In 1932 Edmond St. John Martin Hoogewerf arrived in St. Louis from Great Britain to become a history professor at St. Louis University. At some point following his arrival he crossed paths with Harry Langenberg who in 1928 had been in Princeton, New Jersey for the founding of the Princeton University rugby club. The meeting of these two men gave rise to the St. Louis Rambler Rugby Club and rugby in the city of St. Louis.

The St. Louis Rambler Rugby Club is proud of its history. The Ramblers are St. Louis’ oldest and the nation’s second oldest active men’s rugby club. Only the New York Rugby Club can claim to have a longer run than the Ramblers. There are too many players to count who have taken the field for the Ramblers, but each one has lent a part of himself to the club. And it is the sum of those parts that shape the club today. The club has seen great seasons winning championships and tournaments, and the club has seen lean seasons where competing every weekend was enough reward. No matter the outcome there was always the tradition.

One of our most visible traditions is our distinctive green and white hoop jersey. In 1933 players merely wore an undershirt, shorts and boots, but our records show that sometime between 1947 and 1950 the Ramblers started to take the field in green and white. For over sixty years we have maintained our colors, and the players of today wear them proudly.

In eighty years there is a lot of time for travel, and rugby has provided the members of the Ramblers a ticket to the world. Ramblers have played on six of the seven continents. Some were local or domestic Ramblers while others were only Ramblers for a season or two while visiting our city, but they were Ramblers nonetheless. We’ve toured Europe and Ramblers have played in Asia, South America, Africa, New Zeeland and on the Australian continent. The Rambler green and white has seen over twenty countries in the spirit of game, and we’ve share a 12 oz., pint or liter with rugby players around the globe. Rugby is an English game, but we’ve made it an American tradition.

With over eighty years of Rambler rugby, we look forward to the next twenty years when we will mark our centennial. We look forward to all the players who will join us and remember the ones who have left us. We look forward to the competition and the camaraderie we’ll share. In the end it continues to build our tradition.


Rambler Store

Rambler merchandise is now available online. Check back often for new Rambler gear.  Support rugby in St. Louis with all types of Rambler Rugby gear. 


Old Boys Page

The 2nd oldest rugby club in the country is bound to have some old boys around. This page is dedicated to you guys.

Catch up with old mates, signup to receive match reports in your e-mail, come out and watch the boys, etc.


Join the Ramblers

Interested in St. Louis Rugby? No experience necessary, we’re are now accepting new and current players. Fielding two sides keeps the Ramblers competitive while allowing new players to join club and learn the game. Click the banner above for more information.

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